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Viessmann Vitosol 100 - F



Flat-plate collector

Attractively priced collector for standard applications 

This efficient flat-plate collector with a highly selectively coated aluminium absorber
represents an excellent opportunity to use free energy from the sun for DHW heating at
a low investment. On average, up to 60% of the energy required annually for DHW heating can be saved. With its attractive aluminium frame this collector
is best suited for standard applications on family homes.

Weather resistant and well insulated 

The high quality weather resistant aluminium frame and seamless pane seal guarantee
permanent tightness and a highly stable collector. This reliably prevents the frame
freezing-up through standing water in the transitions between frame and glass. The
back panel is puncture-proof and corrosionresistant. Highly effective thermal insulation reduces heat losses particularly in spring, autumn and winter.

Easy to handle 

It couldn't be easier to install Vitosol flat-plate collectors. Up to ten collectors can be reliably connected in parallel via flexible corrugated stainless steel plug-in connectors. The easy-to-assemble Viessmann fixing system with load-tested and corrosion resistant components made from stainless steel and aluminium is standard for all
Viessmann collectors.

Various installation options 

The flat-plate collectors can be used universally for rooftop installation and
freestanding installation, e.g. on flat roofs. For vertical or horizontal installation, such as on walls, we recommend a 20% larger collector area compared to standard roof installation, to ensure optimum energy utilisation.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Powerful, attractively priced flat-plate collector
  • Vertical and horizontal roof top and free standing installation options, either on end or across
  • High efficiency through selectively coated absorber and cover
    made from hail resistant solar glass
  • High stability through high quality weather resistant
    aluminium frame
  • Puncture-proof and corrosion-resistant back panel made from
    aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
  • Easy to assemble Viessmann fixing system with load tested
    and corrosion-resistant components made from stainless
    steel and aluminium - standard for all Viessmann collectors
  • Quick and reliable collector connection through a flexible
    corrugated stainless steel pipe plug-in connector

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