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Viessmann Vitosol 200 - T



Direct flow vacuum tube collector

Highly efficient tube collectors with time saving and safe plug-in system
The Vitosol 200-T is a direct flow vacuum tube collector that is ideal for installations in any location. The new design of the header casing enables the Vitosol 200-T to blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the roof.

Effective use of the sun’s heat
The Sol-titanium coated absorbers collect a vast amount of solar energy and thereby ensure high efficiency. The vacuum in the tubes guarantees very effective thermal insulation. There are minimal losses between the glass pipes and absorbers – and the collector is able to transform even a minimum of sunlight into available heat.

High energy yields for years to come
Viessmann solar collectors are designed for an exceptionally long service life. This is guaranteed by the use of high-grade, corrosionresistant materials, such as glass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

The absorber is integral to the vacuum tube. This protects it from weather influences and contamination, and ensures a lasting energy utilisation.

Simple and safe installation
The Vitosol 200-T collectors are delivered as pre-assembled modules. An innovative plug-in system makes the quick and easy installation of individual tubes in any location possible, without requiring special tools or having to open the connection chamber. Plug the tubes into the manifold – click – finished. Subsequently, the individual tubes can be rotated for optimum alignment with the sun.

The stainless steel corrugated plug-in connectors interconnect the individual collectors.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Highly efficient, direct flow vacuum tube collector for high solar energy utilisation
  • Universal application through vertical or horizontal installation in any location, on rooftops, walls and freestanding installation
  • Easy and safe connection of the individual tubes through an innovative plug-in system
  • The absorber surfaces, which are integral to the vacuum tubes, are not susceptible to contamination
  • Tubes can be rotated for optimum alignment with the sun, thereby maximising the energy yield
  • Highly effective thermal insulation of the header casing for minimum thermal losses
  • Easy installation through the Viessmann fixing system and corrugated stainless steel plug-in pipe connectors
  • The flow and return connection on one side through the integral header inside the header casing minimises the effort required in connecting the pipework
  • Attractive collector design, header casing in RAL 8019 (brown)

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