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Industrial fan coils Klimajet and Klimafresh



The industrial fan-coils, series KLIMAJET and KLIMAFRES, are manufactured to the highest standard, demanded by the need to control the heating, cooling and ventilation of commercial manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage and other types of commercial building with large heating and cooling losses. The series KLIMAJET and KLIMAFRESH are manufactured 5 sizes with different outputs from 10-62 kW, when used for heating and from 4-14.8 kW when used for cooling. The use of the specifically engineered vents for controlling the air from direction, the contemporary design at the energy savings, make the industrial fan-coil efficient and the preferred product for heating or cooling large open spaces. 

KLIMAJET and KLIMAFRESH are produced standard with 3-phase motor. The base configuration of the industrial fan-coil includes a 1 speeded three phase motor. At customer's request, the industrial fan-coil can be equipped with a 2 -speeded 3-phase motor. If it is needed the industrial fan coil can work on 1-phase current, but it have to be added start-up capacitor.

KLIMAJET can be mounted vertical and horizontal (both for wall and ceiling installation).
KLIMAFRESH can be mounted only vertical (only for vertical wall installation).

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