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Viessmann Vitocal 222-S/242-S



Split air / water heat pump compact unit
Rated output: 3 to 10.6 kW

Storage capacity:
Vitocal 222-S: 170 Litre
Vitocal 242-S: 220 Litre

Vitocal 242-S with Solar DHW Storage

For New build / modernisation
Detached / semi-detached homes

Compact split air / water heat pumps for new construction / modernisation with integrated hot water storage for high DHW convenience

Split heat pumps are characterised by a separation into a quiet internal unit and an air handling external unit. This design does not require extensive wall outlets and routing of air ducts. As systems for heating only, or as systems that provide heating and cooling, these units are ideal for new build.

With the Vitocal 242-S, Viessmann offers a split heat pump with integral solar function for solar DHW heating. The cylinder capacity is 220 litres. With the Vitocal 222-S (without solar function), the DHW cylinder has a capacity of 170 litres.

A high proportion of pre-assembled components makes these compact heating centres easy for heating contractors to install, which reduces installation costs.

Compact internal units 

With their timeless design and a width of just 60 cm, these internal units can be sited close to the living space (e.g. in the utility room). They contain hydraulic components such as a heat exchanger (condenser), DHW cylinder, heating circuit pump, instantaneous heating water heater and a 3-way diverter valve.

Vitotronic 200 control unit. 

Heat pump control unit with user prompts The Vitotronic 200 is structured logically, and its displays are easy to follow. The large backlit display offers good contrast, making it easy to read. The graphic user interface also displays heating and cooling curves. 

If a solar thermal system is connected to the Vitocal 242-S, the solar yield is shown as well.

Efficient and economical
The split heat pumps operate extremely economically in partial load operation.
Inverter technology accurately matches the compressor output to the current heat demand through modulating operation. This results in high efficiency at any operating point.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Attractively priced  split air / water heat pumps with heating capacities from 3.0 to 10.6 kW (air 2 ° C / water 35 ° C with a nominal operating point)
  • Inverter compressor allows an optimal adaptation to power the heating and cooling requirements
  • Low operating costs due to high COP (COP = Coefficient of Performance) to EN 14511: up to 4.6 (air 7 ° C / water 35 ° C) and up 3.5 (2 ° C air / water 35 ° C)
  • Maximum temperature: 55 ° C at -15 ° C outside temperature (with reduced performance)
  • High DHW convenience through integrated hot water tank with 220 liters for the Vitocal 242-S (for the Vitocal 222-S with 170 liters)
  • Solar heating system for domestic hot water for the Vitocal 242-S
  • Comfortable with reversible design for heating and cooling
  • High efficiency at part load operation due to power-controlled compressor
  • Low noise performance of the outdoor unit at partial load with variable speed fan and compressor
  • No frost protection is required, since refrigerant lines
  • Easy to use control Vitotronic 200 with clear text and graphics display
  • Low investment costs
  • Easy to install and inexpensive to install without major wall openings
  • Improved use of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems
  • Commissioning the technical service available from Viessmann

Technical Data:

  • Performance: 3/5,6/7,7/10,6 kW (A2/W35 °C)
  • COP up to 3.5 (A2/W35 °C) to EN 14511
  • Noise level < 63 dB(A) (External unit)
  • Vitocal 222-S: 170 Litre DHW storage
  • Vitocal 242-S: 220 Litre DHW storage

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