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 Floor convectors Licon are meant for floor installation, especially in the places where there is not possible to install high heating bodies. Another advantage of Licon convectors is their low surface temperature.
Because of low water volume in Licon convectors their warming up to a required temperature is much faster than in normal radiators and you can therefore reach the required temperature in the room significantly faster. Floor convectors can react more flexibly to temperature changes in the room.
Floor heating is a body with natural air circulation, meant for floor installation. If the higher heating output is necessary, we recommend floor heating with a tangential ventilator Licon PKVT or PKVTi.
Floor heating is suitable for spaces where there are windows to floor, in public buildings and also private buildings. Another advantage of floor heating is the possibility of use in the places where the radiator would disturb a room appearance ( e.g. a socle below windows ).
Wall convectors Licon OK are normal wall radiators with long-term history used in households, public and industrial buildings.
Wall convectors have modern design, economical operation and easy assembly. Unique use of heat exchanger enables higher heat output with a small size.
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